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Siiri Tabri is one of the best microblading trainers and artists in the world.

Read more about this talented artist and trainer here or see some of her works here.

Siiri is the only certified master-level representative and SharpBrows Artist 3.0 program trainer in Scandinavia, practicing and teaching the newest methods in the world of microblading: Light Microblading and Precision Stroke ⓒ method.


Siiri Tabri is definitely one of the most experienced microblading artists and trainers in Scandinavia. She has 1000+ students that have performed tens of thousands of microblading procedures.


Siiri Tabri is a true artist who believes that each pair of brows should be treated as a piece of art. She has performed thousands of microblading procedures and here you can see just some samples of her work.


Siiri's personal studio is located in Tallinn  - the capital of Estonia, her homeland. Whenever she is in Estonia, she performs microblading procedures there.