Light microblading models wanted!

Student of Siiri Tabri - Anet L. is looking for portfolio models for her Light microblading portfolio.

Light microblading is the best and most natural way to make microblading. Here are just a few samples:

Here are just samples of Light microblading made by Anet L. Her work is extremely precise, detailed and just natural:

Want to become a model for Anet?

You have an incredible opportunity to get perfect brows from Anet. Just fill in the form and our representative will contact you to set an appointment.

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100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - GOOD AS GOLD. SharpBrows is offering 100% Satisfaction guarantee to brows made by this artist. This means that in case the client has filled in this form and fixed an appointment through this website the quality of the brows made is monitored by the representative of SharpBrows in detail. In case the client finds that the brows do not meet the highest standards set to Light microblading a SharpBrows master of the region - Siiri Tabri will make a corrective procedure for the brows for no extra cost. In case such should appear the client will first be asked to send a photo of the brows. After that an extra appointment can be set and brows corrected. The result is what matters - the client will have perfect brows and is totally satisfied. 

Incredible changes and healed results

Here you can see how Light microblading changes the overall expression of face and also how healed brows look like. With Light microblading healed brows are better than ever - quite often all lines can be seen!

How weak brows are magically transformed with Light microblading technique.

Healed results - After healing Light microblading still looks incredible.