Early years


Siiri’s childhood home in Karja village, Saaremaa. © SiiriTabri.com

Siiri Tabri was born and raised in Saaremaa - an island close to the Western shore of Estonia. Being the youngest of 5 children and sister to 4 brothers, she developed extreme determination already from early childhood on, growing up in very modest conditions in Karja village the population of which was just under 800 people. Being used to having to work for everything she took great pleasure in spending the little free time she had enjoying simple pleasures of life: long walks in wild nature, painting, photography and endless conversations with close friends.

She became a Devout Christian at the age of 9. Despite being blessed with remarkable success later on in life, her attitude towards people and life in general has remained unchanged. Before having children she took pride in being able to carry all she had with her. However, up until now, she has remained a very simple, easy to be around and cheerful person.


Becoming an artist


Siiri attending a makeup competition Nevski Berega in 2012. © SiiriTabri.com

Having learned painting under different teachers she turned to provide beauty services and especially brow grooming already in her teenage years. Since then it became her passion and means of earning living. All she was able to make working, she spent traveling to learn from other technicians and participating in competitions, mostly makeup, body-painting, and pigmentation. That continued up until becoming 23 years old and taking her first microblading training in 2014.

Also, the same year she signed a contract with SharpBrows and soon became the youngest trainer in that company and one of the youngest microblading trainers in the world. Her extreme dedication, a constant need for self-improvement and work-ethics built the basis for becoming a great trainer. However, it was her genuine love towards students that enabled her to transfer her skills and knowledge so that they would become more successful than others.


Breakthrough in Scandinavia


Finland welcomed Siiri very well in 2016. She learned to speak fluent Finnish and grew to love and respect this country. © SiiriTabri.com

When microblading boomed in Scandinavia (2016-2017), Siiri had already made her name as a microblading/pigmentation trainer and thus soon became a sought-after solution for many who wanted to start a microblading career in Scandinavia. Whilst begin pregnant with her first daughter she constantly trained groups of microblading artists in almost all of the European countries, the longest non-stop training cycle from one class to another stretching for mind-blowing 92 days in a row.


Siiri gave birth to her first daughter during the height of the microblading boom in Europe in 2017 getting whole 8 days of maternity leave. © SiiriTabri.com

Co-operation with SharpBrows continued and she managed to develop nano-microblading - a technique that enabled to successfully combine microblading and pigmentation. She is also the author of Europe One Brow pattern, used fo tens of thousands of procedures.

The year 2018 marks another principle change when it comes to microblading in general - Siiri created Light microblading - a newer and better method of doing microblading that soon became very popular in tens of countries.


Present day


Siiri practicing pigmentation with an Italian friend and artist Andrea Calubini in her VIP studio. Siiri’s daughter Noora on the right. © SiiriTabri.com

Now, Siiri has retired from giving large group trainings to spend more time with her family. She has signed yet another 2-year contract with SharpBrows and carries out much more personal classes in her two microblading and pigmentation studios connected to her home.

She takes nothing for granted and believes that the true measure of success is the number of lives a person can change.