SharpBrows Stories - Sometimes all one needs is an opportunity.

SharpBrows Stories is a program launched in 2016 to give some less privileged students an opportunity to start a career in microblading. It has proven to produce excellent results so far and tens of artists that have changed their lives have started with SharpBrows Stories.

Who should apply?

People coming from a background that has objective restrictions to join the course normally, usually related to health, social, economic, geopolitical circumstances or similar. A few samples of prospective candidates:

- a single parent currently between the jobs;
- a person taking care of a terminally ill family member and thus having less time to work;
- member of a family that has suffered a tragedy;
- a person suffering from any sort of serious condition that still allows to perform procedure;
- a person that for whatever reason has lost the entirety of the family.
- all sorts of similar circumstances.

In addition to that, the applicant must be keenly interested in learning microblading. However, the interest in learning without restrictions referred to above is not a plausible reason to accept the application. I.e, SharpBrows Stories should never be used to negotiate a simple discount, group discount, play one academy against the other etc.


How to apply?

All an applicant has to do is to write a short essay answering three questions:

- Why does she (he) want to learn microblading?
- Why is it not possible for her (him) to join the course normally?
- What reasons lead to this situation and what sort of personal responsibility she (he) sees in all that?

To apply to the course of SharpBrows master Siiri Tabri, an essay should be sent to



Taking into account the actual gravity of the situation a discount up to 75% can be received as well as different payment schedules may be proposed. All cases are treated individually and SharpBrows Switzerland does not give any guarantee that the mere fact of writing an essay would result in a favorable course conditions proposal.

All stories are confidential and never published in a way that would violate the privacy of the author.