1000+ successful students


Siiri has trained more than 3000 students in Scandinavia and hundreds additionally worldwide. However, the only criteria that truly shows the quality of a trainer is the success of her students. More than 1000 of her students have started successful careers in microblading - In Finland alone there are hundreds of active students, many of them featured on a local map - microblading.fi.

Siiri’s student and a friend Kristi Sink (KrisBrows) after winning the Ultimate Brow Championships competition in Finland, in 2018. Lower photo: Artist Annika Kakko (KakkoBrows), who has now started her own trainings, studying microblading with Siiri in 2016. © SiiriTabri.com

Siiri’s students have started hundreds of brow brands, won many competitions and several of them have become trainers themselves. She encourages all the students to learn more, practice harder and to become truly successful. For her seeing a student succeed is the greatest acknowledgment of all. She feels blessed, has enormous gratitude towards having been part of so many success-stories and is incredibly happy for that.


One thing Siiri has failed to learn throughout her career is taking time off. She truly loves training and due to high demand has booked trainings even a year in advance. She enjoys helping students and keeps up to date with all the newest developments in the field of microblading and pigmentation. Instead of travelling around the world, she's now able to fly in masters from other countries to exchange knowledge and practice together.

Siiri practicing different lips’ and powder eyeliner techniques with Adrean Calubini from Italy and teaching Light microblading to a student (lower picture). © SiiriTabri.com

Nowadays, Siiri has several trainings each week in her VIP studio and most of those are very effective individual or small group trainings. She has reached a state in her life, where growth and giving back is her leading motivator. Thus, she has also re-ignited a basic brow-training FullGlam for starting artists and allows students to come to practice for a very reasonable fee. She has said: “I want to give them (the students) all the latest knowledge and the practical skills to actually succeed, as I wish someone had given to me when I started”.

Siiri has also joined SharpBrows Stories program. Thus if you have objective reasons related to health, social, economic, geopolitical circumstances, why you cannot join course normally, you can apply for extra terms. 


© SiiriTabri.com  / SharpBrows Switzerland

Siiri is the only SharpBrows master in Scandinavia and the Baltics who can certify other artists. She is the youngest microblading trainer in the world that has 1000+ microblading students.


Siiri’s students get access to Brow Analytics program containing theoretical material, marketing tools and tens of hours of videos that students can watch already before the training. Due to that, the results of trainings have been drastically better.





Light Microblading

Light microblading training is carried out according to SharpBrows Artist 3.0 program. Siiri is the co-creator of Light microblading and has the right to certify the student after a 2-day course.

Nano-microblading / SuperOmbre

Siiri is the creator of nano- microblading and co-creator of SuperOmbre. Trainings are carried out according to SharpBrows program with Siiri having the right to certify students after a course.

Natural Lips

Natural Lips is the best way to learn to make most modern beautiful Lip contour and shadow filling, based on SharpBrows program. Siiri has the right to certify the student after a course.

Eyeliner / Powder eyeliner

Eyeliner / Powder Eyeliner is a SharpBrows training that enables the student to learn to make natural, delicate and modern eyeliner pigmentation. Students get certified by Siiri.

FullGlam 2.0

FullGlam 2.0 is an advanced version of Siiri’s signature training, created in 2014. Ideal for getting started with brow business. Students receive thge FullGlam brow-training certificate.

FullGlam Queen

FullGlam Queen is FullGlam 2.0 training with makeup training for other areas of the face. Students learn complete facial makeup and get certified.